Film Production: A Surprising Meditative Hobby

Using Film Production as a Meditative Hobby

First and foremost, this article is going to answer the unasked question of whether or not there are other activities that offer meditative capabilities other than Yoga. The answer is yes as film production is one likely example. Despite the popularity of the word meditation, still very few people understand what it actually entails.

How Video Production Gives You a Creative Outlet

Meditation is not mere concentration or exercise or effort as it goes beyond that. Quite simply put, meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness, that is, this is something you find yourself in and not doing (state of being and not doing). You do not need to be in a meditative stance or position to acquire a state of thoughtless awareness that meditation brings. As a matter of fact, someone who engages in normal day activities can still slip into meditation better than someone who finds themselves maintaining an inactive stance to attain it.

With the above in mind, if you happen to find that you are that kind of individual who gets easily stressed out or finds the concept of sitting still to be troublesome, then getting a hobby is the right way to unwind from all the stress as well as engage your overactive mind. A hobby is naturally something that is taken up for fun or the pleasure of doing so. You engage in it when you have free time and also it is done free of charge. Most people do away with the concept of leisure activities as they deem it as luxuries which they cannot afford and this is where they are wrong but we will not be going into that.

How hobbies help in meditation can be found in the fact that they induce relaxation which awakens your flow state so that your entire focus is in the engagement of that activity you call a hobby. To put it in simpler terms, a flow state is a state of mental being that is showcased by absolute involvement and absorption in a process or activity. If we are looking at it this way, then one hobby that certainly allows for this is Video Production and here is how:

  • Video production is a hobby that requires a lot of concentration and imagination meaning that your entire focus will have to be placed into the actualization of any goals you hope to achieve during the course of it.
  • Video production is a hobby that has three main vital stages: production, pre-production, and post-production. Each of these stages has its own part to play in the final product and to make sure that the final product is a success; absolute concentration has to be given. You find that in the process of concentration, you find yourself getting absorbed and engrossed in the process barely having any thought of anything else.
  • Video production is a hobby that relieves stress as well as engages the mind which means it fills all the criteria of meditation in the sense that total concentration is needed in it and in the process, you find yourself unwinding and letting the activity consume you.



Ways to Relax Using Photography

It goes without saying that photography as a hobby has many sides to it as it can serve multiple purposes but still retain its artful form. Unlike other hobbies, it can be said that photography can be considered to be amongst the most rewarding ones as in the process of enjoying it as a means to display one’s creativity, it still goes on to provide other benefits. The benefits are:

It serves as a great complement to others

Photography is not a hobby that is highly tasking as it is easy to pick up from where you left off without skipping a beat. A hobby that is like this allows individuals to not stress or get too tensed when things do not work according to plan as it can simply be tried over and over again until it is gotten right.

This is what makes it a relaxing hobby. As a result, photography is that type of hobby that allows for other hobbies to be taken up alongside it. If hiking, gardening, cooking or car repairs are things that you also have a fondness for, then photography can help boost them as being able to skillful photography these activities as they are ongoing enhances the pleasure in them. While capturing moments of family members or yourself taken care of a herb patch, you get to find yourself having fun and relaxing.

Helps in surrounding ourselves with loved ones

It goes to say that as individuals, we are most happy when we are in the presence of the things and people we cherish above other things. Having a camera means that while in the presence of loved ones, we get to capture unique moments that leave a fond smile on our faces while reminiscing in future. Also, as the budding photographer in a family, photo shoots, and video messages can all be arranged and captured to send out to loved ones that are not around. Doing this is a great way to relax using photography.

A different view of the world can be gotten

Photography is one hobby that pushes individuals to explore new territories that we often would have ignored. There is the saying that cameras are pushed towards capturing the beauty that we otherwise would ignore.

Even if the beauty being sought is in an uncomfortable territory, the need to capture that image pushes it to the back of the mind. Here, photography enthusiasts find themselves waking up early before sunrise and taking a stroll to have that perfect shot of the sun rising. It also helps that photography is a good way to connect with nature and become more adventurous which is a good way to relax.

The inner recesses of the mind become calm

Individuals often find it hard to relax especially when there are clashing thoughts in the mind regarding various issues. Getting a hold of a camera and simply wandering off on a hunch to different places to capture shots can be highly rewarding as it is a great way to unwind from the stress.

How to Maintain your Garden

Having a garden is one of the most relaxing and joyous things that one can do. Taking care and seeing your plants grow day by day. Sharpening your patience as you wait for the flowers to bloom. Seeing them dry and wither when the time has come and then replace them with a new one. You want to take care of your plants like a baby.

There are times when plants get sick and you wonder how it happened and what you can do about it. Maintaining a healthy garden is not a chore if you really love gardening. Here are some tips I can give you to keep your garden beautiful and healthy.

1. Make sure to buy only healthy plants

When you want to take home a new plant check if it is free from disease. If you introduce a sick plant into your garden, it will most likely spread and infect the healthy plants.

2. Have healthy soil

Plants need healthy soil. Different plants need different kinds of soil. Keep the soil loose by turning it with a spade at least once a month. Add organic compost. If you have a compost box at home you can use that to fertilize as Planet Natural suggests.

3. Have enough moisture

Plants need the right amount of moisture for it to grow and survive. The amount and frequency of watering depend on the kind of plant you have. So read up on the type of watering each plant you have needs.

4. Check for weeds

Having weeds in your garden can slow down the growth of your plants. Weeds compete for nutrients and sunlight so remove them once you notice them.

5. Keep an eye for bugs

Insects can damage the plants. There are also fungi, bacteria, and viruses that attack the plants. These can harm and cause an infestation that can be difficult to control. Take action once you see any signs of harmful insects or disease. Using ladybugs will also help you keep the pests away.

6. Slugs

Slugs can be damaging pests. If you see a lot of slugs in your garden try this remedy. Pour beer into a container and leave it in the garden overnight near the slugs. They will be attracted to the scent of the beer. You can get rid of the slugs in the container the next day. 

7. Use the correct fertilizer

You may also need to apply fertilizer into the soil to ensure that your plants get the nutrients they need. Lack of nutrients can produce plants smaller than normal and makes them more susceptible to stress and disease.

8. Allow enough space between plants

If plants are overcrowded tend to grow poorly. They may also compete for light and moisture.